Alles Fuss

Hectic, stress, sensory overload and pressure to perform dominate our everyday lives. Resting in oneself and finding peace seems to have become an art today. There is always a better and faster. Those who don’t run fast enough in the marathon of self-optimisation are left behind. And: don’t people also forget what it means to touch and be touched? be touched? To allow human closeness? To live in the moment and not get stuck in the past or the future? The performance ALLES FUSS by the artist Torres focuses on feeling and dwelling in a moment.- the present. ALLES FUSS is a sensual and at the same time provocative invitation by the artist to the audience to slow down and to become more aware of the moment with all their senses. to perceive the moment more consciously with all their senses.​

Performance: Torres
Installation: Dopamin Kollektiv
Musik: Jane Ulé
Camera: David Czobel / Luisa Baldhuber
Text: Ornella Cosenza