Synthetic Body

The focus of Torres work is the relationship between society and the individual as well as social interaction. In doing so, he deals intensively with the body and the senses. Man and machine, human intelligence and artificial intelligence. More and more, the boundaries of these opposites are becoming blurred. Algorithms determine ever larger parts of our lives, interactions take place increasingly and ever more rapidly in digital space. What role will body and time take in the age of algorithms and artificial intelligence? In the new project he extends his performance idea by using new media on a synthetic level. It a series of thematically different time-based performances emerges, an interactive symbiosis of natural sound, light, the physical movement of the body and algorithm. This project is funded by the City of Munich and Bavarian State Ministry​

Anima Mundi / Palazzo Bembo / Venice 2022
Live / Kunstarkaden / Munich 2022
Synthetic Body / @base / Munich 2021